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ANSWER Please note that these error codes are displayed after a FAILED CALL ATTEMPT, in order for our engineers to be able to investigate the encountered error on a deeper level, so they can clear the fault. Therefore, in case you want to inquire about a failed call, you are kindly asked to send us [] the DATE and TIME of your call, and the correspondent ERROR CODE shown. LABELS * issue * connectivity * connection * error * code
ANSWER Please note that CALL FORWARDING or CALL TRANSFERRING will only be available in case you have a PAY AS YOU GO CREDIT. Furthermore, please make sure that the NUMBER that you wish to FORWARD your calls to is CORRECTLY ENTERED. LABELS * issue * connectivity * connection * forwarding * transferring
ANSWER This error is encountered in case a DISCONNECTION OCCURRED on your internet connection while making a call. In case this error is occurring only to a specific country or phone number, please contact []our support team in order to investigate the issue. LABELS * issue * connectivity * connection * forwarding * transferring
ANSWER In order for you to use RINBOO, the following ports should be opened: * 5060 * 5061 * 5062 LABELS * issue * connectivity * connection * port * open