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ANSWER MOBILE CALLING is also known as PHONE-TO-PHONE CALLS or even MOBILE DIAL. Rinboo Mobile Calling service allows you to make Free Calls to other Rinboo users and cheap calls to everyone else. Connect with Wi-Fi, 3G or use your local minutes to make international calls using Rinboo. Rinboo for your smart or feature phone is free to download and easy to use - it's just like your normal phone but with Free Calls and super cheap International rates. Reduce the cost of your international calls by up to 98%. Rinboo mobile applications lets you call and text on the move at an ultra-low international rates. LABELS * calling * service * phone * phone-to-phone * mobile * dial
ANSWER * Free Rinboo to Rinboo calls (Call other Rinboo app users for free). * You don't need a phone line. * Cheap international calls & texts. * Free instant messages to your friends, family and colleagues. * Premium call quality (Crystal clear voice quality). * Call from your mobile to landlines, PCs and other mobiles! * Call using Wi-Fi, 3G or your local minutes * It's so simple to get started - All you need is the app and your Rinboo account! LABELS * calling * service * phone * phone-to-phone * mobile * dial
ANSWER * DOWNLOAD THE MOBILE APPLICATION * Sign up [] and download the Rinboo Mobile Application [] that fits with your mobile type. * CALL OR TEXT YOUR FRIENDS * Log in to the application and make easy and cheap international calls and messages. LABELS * calling * service * phone * phone-to-phone * mobile * dial