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ANSWER VOIP CALLING is also known as SIP CALLS or even VOIP DIAL. We offer an unlocked VOIP CALLING service using SIP authentication. That means you can access our cheap international rates from any compatible SIP device. You can also give your SIP device a real phone number with our INCOMING NUMBERS service. Where you can rent one of our Incoming Numbers (DID Numbers) and forward it to your Rinboo SIP account, which means people can call you on your SIP device from regular phones. LABELS * calling * service * voip * sip * dial
ANSWER * Works with any compatible SIP device! * Free Rinboo to Rinboo calls (Free calls between Rinboo users)! * Save loads on international calls! * Advanced settings and voicemail! * Premium call quality (Crystal clear voice quality)! * It's so simple to get started - All you need is your Rinboo account! LABELS * calling * service * voip * sip * dial
ANSWER * SIGN UP * In the top Menu of our website [], click on SERVICES, then choose VOIP CALLING from the menu. * Check the SIP SETTINGS Link to know how to configure your SIP device. * USE YOUR RINBOO ACCOUNT * Log in to your SIP device, enter your SIP info in it, and enjoy our cheap international rates. LABELS * calling * service * voip * sip * dial