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ANSWER This service is very useful when there is NO ACCESS NUMBER in your current location (_for example when you are abroad_), and fees for internet connection are high. Not like the LOCAL NUMBERS SERVICE, Rinboo International Callback service is available from ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! * Easy access to lowest international rates from any country in the world! * Perfect for travelers! * Change your callback number at any time. * Use it from any phone. * Speed dials offer a fast connection. * No monthly fees. Just DIAL THE CALLBACK NUMBER THEN HANG UP, we won't answer so you won't be charged by your operator! WE’LL CALL YOU BACK TO CONNECT YOU TO THE INTERNATIONAL NUMBER AT OUR LOW RATES. LABELS * calling * service * callback
ANSWER * Free Callback number works where local numbers aren't available (Available Worldwide) * Dial from anywhere in the world * Great for pre-paid (PAYG) customers * No Internet connection required * Use it from any phone * The international callback service can be used from a fixed phone or a mobile phone to save when placing international long distance calls! * Speed dials * No monthly fees, connection fees, or charges for incomplete or busy calls * No taxes or VAT * Speed Dial with up to 99 number * Monthly Invoice & Call Detail Records * Online Account Management * Live Technical / Customer Support LABELS * calling * service * callback * benefit
ANSWER * DIAL THE ACCESS NUMBER assigned to your account and HANG-UP AFTER HEARING THE FIRST RING (a free call). * Within a few seconds your, registered international CALLBACK NUMBER WILL RING. It will be our "call back" computer asking you to enter the number you want to call. * When you enter the phone number, your call will be processed IMMEDIATELY at our LOW RATES INSTEAD OF THE LOCAL HIGHER PHONE COMPANY RATES. NOTE: No internet or special equipment is needed - just a normal touch tone phone or cell phone. IMPORTANT: * If you are in another country from where your SIM CARD is registered, you will be charged roaming fees by your mobile provider for the incoming call. * Avoid expensive roaming charges - BUY A LOCAL SIM CARD for the country you're visiting and ADD THE PHONE NUMBER TO YOUR ACCOUNT. * If you call from a phone that is not registered on your account, you will not be able to use our international callback service. LABELS * calling * service * callback * work
ANSWER * DIAL THE CALLBACK NUMBER * Sign up [] and REGISTER YOUR PHONE NUMBER, then DIAL THE CALLBACK NUMBER ASSIGNED TO YOUR ACCOUNT and then HANG UP AFTER YOU HEAR THE WELCOME PROMPT. * RECEIVE A CALL FROM RINBOO * After you hang up we will call you straight back and ask you to enter the number you want to call. * MAKE YOUR CALL * Enter your friend's international number to connect AT OUR LOW RATES. LABELS * calling * service * callback * work * howto
ANSWER First, when you call the callback number we do not answer the call. We just play a message instead of the usual ringing tone. Simply hang up after you hear the prompt and we will call you back. Hence, we call both your registered number and your contact number so you'll pay our low rates for both parts of the call. E.G.: If you're in the United States calling Spain you'll pay our low US and Spanish calling rates. LABELS * calling * service * callback * call * cost