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Not at all, your card will be immediately active once issued and is valid for 6 months.
Please install RINBOO - PREMIUM RETAIL SERVICES for free, available on Google Play Store [] if you are an Android user and on App Store [] if you are an iOS one. Then log in with your Rinboo account, or create a new account to log in with if you don't have one yet.
Log in with your Rinboo ID (_phone number or username_) and password to Rinboo website [], and both your calling credit and wallet credit will appear on the top-right corner of your screen.
Log in with your Rinboo ID (_phone number or username_) and password, then open "_MASTERCARD SERVICES_" from the menu, and choose "_MY CARDS_". You will see all expiry dates of all the cards you own.
Yes, you can easily check all your cards activities and transactions history directly from the Rinboo app or by logging in into our Rinboo website.
This is a non-reloadable virtual prepaid Mastercard, hence you can't reload it. You can create up to 100 cards per year with a total limit of $1500 in all your cards.
We are officially PCI certified [], ensuring that we will process, store and transmit credit card information by maintaining a secure environment protected with a very strong encryption.