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You can pay by cash to our agents who will issue Rinboo virtual prepaid cards for you, or they can also transfer credit to your wallet, which you can use to issue your own prepaid cards. Another way to load your Rinboo wallet online is using any of the supported payment methods (debit/credit cards, CashU, OneCard, PayPal ...).
We do not provide this option till the moment, but we surely will in the near future.
There are no transaction fees or any other hidden fees while using your card. The only fees you pay is when you create your cards.
No, there are no fees for your declined or refused transactions.
For now, your card is non-reloadable, which means that you can fill it one time only. But the good thing is that you can generate multiple cards, so you always have the chance to purchase online using our cards. And we will surely notify you once reloadable cards are available.
Currently, your Virtual prepaid Mastercard is in United States Dollars (USD - $), but the great news is that you can use it to purchase any service or product even if it is sold in other currencies.* _* For purchases other than USD, a currency conversion fee may apply. Please refer to your vendor._
Yes. The online merchant can credit the amount back to the card. Processing time depends on the merchant. Make sure it's before the card expiry date.