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ANSWER * We offer great rates around the world. Our rates are the same no matter which country you are calling from and only vary based on the country you are calling to. * You can check our current rates by clicking Here []. * All rates are displayed by default in US dollars, but you can also convert them dynamically to multiple currencies directly from the top right corner of Rinboo's website []. * Please note that calls are charged in one-minute increments and there are no connection fees neither hidden fees. * We also offer special deals also known as calling plans to many countries. Visit our rates []page for these destinations for the latest details on these plans. LABELS * cost * call * rate * country * plan * deal
ANSWER * Rates do change occasionally, but changes aren't based on the time of day you call. Sometimes the worldwide internet calls lower down, which we pass on in savings to you * Click here []to check our current rates. LABELS * cost * call * rate * change
ANSWER When using Rinboo application, and if you make a call using the Internet, you will be charged for the internet data consumption, but not for any other fees. This is valid for Pay as You Go as well as Monthly Calling Plans. Noting that Internet calls using Rinboo typically only consumes 360KB/minute of data. Whereas if you are using Non Internet Calling, Rinboo Local Number calls are charged by your phone carrier as a local call. LABELS * cost * call * rate * change
ANSWER Rinboo does not charge monthly or annual fees - you only pay for the number of minutes you actually use. Or, if you purchased a monthly calling plan, you will only pay for the plan's value. You can click here []to check our products. LABELS * cost * fee * monthly * annual