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ANSWER * Being part of Rinboo community is VERY EASY, and it is done by creating a RINBOO account, which is QUICK AND ABSOLUTELY FREE. * You can sign up through our website []or by downloading []the application. * We advise you to sign up [] on our website [], and then log in [] to Rinboo application once downloaded. LABELS * join * create * account * free * website * application
ANSWER * Go to [] * Click on the Button _'FREE SIGN UP_' * Fill in the form with the following information: * Enter your FIRST and LAST NAME * Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS * Create a PASSWORD * Choose your COUNTRY * Enter your PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER, which will be YOUR UNIQUE NUMBEr. (_Make sure that it is the real mobile number you are using daily, since we will be sending verification code to it to verify your authenticity_). * Finally, enter the characters shown in the image found on the end of the form * Don't forget to AGREE on the Terms & Conditions. * SUBMIT your information by clicking on the '_CREATE ACCOUNT_' button * You will instantly RECEIVE A CALL FROM OUR SYSTEM providing you a 4 DIGITS CODE that you have to note down to use in the verification process. * In the next page on RINBOO website [], enter the 4 DIGITS NUMBER that you heard from the above call and click the '_SUBMIT'_ button. * START CALLING! * You will get an email confirming that your service has been enabled and you can start making calls instantly. * You can now use your phone number or one of your registered phone numbers as your login along with your PASSWORD to access your account at any time. * If you download []RINBOO application, use these same details to login, so that your accounts will be linked. * You can also log in with your FACEBOOK account or even your GOOGLE account. LABELS * join * create * account * free * website * application
ANSWER IT IS FREE TO SIGN UP TO RINBOO. Once you have created your account you can ADD CREDIT, or purchase an UNLIMITED CALLING PLAN to make calls to your international contacts. LABELS * join * create * account * free * website * application
ANSWER * UNFORTUNATELY NO, Rinboo allows only ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON. * However, you can register MULTIPLE PHONE NUMBERS to your account. * So, you can call from your MOBILE, LANDLINE, OFFICE and even REGISTER THE PHONE NUMBERS OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS - all under the one account. * Please note, we advise that you do not register phones that you do not control usage of, such as public phones or a shared office phone. * To make calls from these phones simply dial one of the Local Numbers you created through Rinboo and you'll be prompted to enter your PIN, once identified you'll be connected. LABELS * join * create * account * free * website * application
ANSWER You can INSTANTLY start using Rinboo once you've REGISTERED and VERIFIED your account by entering the 4 DIGITS CODE we provided you during the automated call you received from our side. LABELS * join * create * account * free * website * application
ANSWER IF YOU FORGET YOUR PIN OR PASSWORD, you can find near the log in button on and on the application, a link for Forgot Password. Click this, enter your phone number (or email address if that is what you use to login), and we'll send it to you. LABELS * join * create * account * free * website * application