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ANSWER With our Pay As You Go services, you are able to make as many simultaneous calls as you want. For example, from the same Rinboo account, you can make a call from your PC application, and in the same time, initiate a call from your Android or iOS application. However, in case you have a Calling Plan, this option is not available. LABELS * call * feature * conference * howto * simultaneous
ANSWER FREE CALLING is also known as RINBOO-TO-RINBOO CALLS OR EVEN FREE DIAL. With FREE CALLING, you can benefit from free calls between Rinboo users, where you can call free to anyone else on Rinboo network. In addition, you will be provided with a free account, without any contract to sign on. Whether you are using Rinboo from your Computer, or from your smart phone or tablet, you will be able to call free of charge any of your friends, family, co-worker and loved ones if they are registered on Rinboo and have an account too whatever the device that have installed Rinboo on. Remember also that there are no monthly fees, no trickeries, no setup fees and no extra charges Sign Up [] now and enjoy our services! LABELS * calling * service * free * rinboo-to-rinboo
ANSWER FOR INTERNET USERS (USING YOUR WIFI/3G): * Sign Up [] * Download []& Install App * Invite Your Friends _Start Making Free Calls Today!_ FOR NO-INTERNET USAGE (USING YOUR LOCAL MINUTES): * Sign Up [] * Save your friend's Rinboo account * Call his local # assigned to his saved phone number _Start Talking, and Enjoy Savings!_ LABELS * calling * service * use * howto * free
ANSWER Calls to other RINBOO users are free because they are not made like phone calls. They do not require that you have the other user's phone number as long as you and the other RINBOO app user both have a piece of information from your RINBOO account (either a phone number or email address) we can make a connection between the two of you. LABELS * calling * service * free * rinboo-to-rinboo