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ANSWER * Take advantage of Rinboo's great rates from any phone. Make low cost international calls when you call phones around the world at Rinboo's low calling rates from your mobile or landline. * Rinboo offers the best and cheapest international calling service that can be used from any phone. It doesn't matter if you have a landline, mobile, or smartphone, you can still make super cheap international phone calls to your friends, family, and colleagues all over the world. Check out our cheap rates and start savings today! * After signing up, simply add the number for the person you want to call on your contact list. Then, we'll instantly assign a local number for you to use when calling your contact. Using Rinboo Direct Dial/Local Numbers service allows you to dial the unique local numbers assigned to your contacts instead of dialing their regular international number, so you pay only for the local call to your operator - if applicable - and our low-cost per-minute rate for the international part of your phone call. LABELS * calling * service * internet * local * number * direct * dial
ANSWER * NO CALLING CARD HASSLES * Dial the unique local number assigned to your contact (instead of their regular international number) and get connected right away! * NO DOWNLOADS, NO COMPUTERS, NO HEADSET NEEDED! * GREAT WAY TO CALL IF YOU PREFER USING YOUR MINUTE PLAN INSTEAD OF DATA/WI-FI. * SAVE LOADS OF MONEY * Call family, friends, or colleagues abroad at some of the lowest rates in the world! * ONLY PAY FOR THE CALLS YOU MAKE * There are no monthly fees, no trickeries, no behind the back charges, no setup fees, no hidden fees, and no extra charges! * CALL ANYTIME, ANYWHERE * Works on any phone! Call from your mobile, landline, or smartphone - anytime, anywhere, at a great rate! LABELS * calling * service * internet * benefit * local * number * direct * dial
ANSWER Rinboo Local Numbers/Direct Dial service let customers call friends, family and colleagues abroad at great rates from any mobile or landline. Our service works by linking the customer's telephone numbers with his contact's telephone numbers. It is therefore not possible to have two accounts with the same calling from number. If the customer lives in shared accommodation and need to call from the same number then he should remove the number from both accounts and use our Calling Card service. * Let's say you live in New York and your friend lives in Australia. You'd like to call her when you don't have internet on your phone or computer, but you don't want to pay those hefty international call charges on your mobile or landline. * Just give us your friend's number in Australia and we'll convert it into a RINBOO DIRECT DIAL number that you can call from any phone. * Next time you'd like to call your friend, dial her RINBOO DIRECT DIAL number and you'll get straight through at our cheapest rates. Where the RINBOO DIRECT DIAL number is a local number from the country you are calling from, making sure that the country you are calling from is one of our supported countries. LABELS * calling * service * internet * how * local * number * direct * dial
ANSWER * Tell Us the Number You Will Be Calling From * Tell us which phone number you'll use to make your international phone calls. * Tell Us Who You Want to Call * Add Some Contacts * Sign up and add your friends and family members as Rinboo contacts. * Get Local Numbers * We will give you unique local number for each contact to dial. * Call from Your Phone * Save these numbers to your phone and call them directly at our cheap rates. NOTE: No internet connection or data plan needed - perfect for when you're on the move. LABELS * calling * service * internet * local * use * number * direct * dial
ANSWER Rinboo Local Numbers/Direct Dial service cannot give you low cost international calls while travelling abroad, so we do not advise that. Instead, we recommend using Rinboo application on your mobile or over a Wi-Fi/3G network (to avoid roaming charges on your data plan). LABELS * calling * service * internet * travel * abroad * local * number * direct * dial
ANSWER Calls via a Rinboo Direct Dial number to phones abroad are made up of TWO CHARGES: * OPERATOR: Your operator will charge you for a local call to your Rinboo Direct Dial number (local number). This may be included as part of your operator's calling plan (called inclusive minutes). * RINBOO: Rinboo will charge you the same low rate as if you were calling a phone using Rinboo on your smartphone, computer, or SIP Device. NOTE: You will not be charged if you are calling a number covered by your subscription or calling plan LABELS * calling * service * internet * cost * fee * charge * local * number * direct * dial