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ANSWER All our customers, who have purchased PAY AS YOU GO CREDIT, can benefit from the FUND TRANSFER option available from Rinboo. In order for you to transfer funds from your account, please follow the below steps: * Log in to Rinboo website [] * Access your MY ACCOUNT Section * From the left panel, Choose SPECIAL SERVICES * Then click on TRANSFER CREDIT * Enter the Recipient's USERNAME, which is his registered PHONE NUMBER on Rinboo * Enter the AMOUNT TO SEND * Click on TRANSFER CREDITS IMPORTANT NOTE: * The minimum amount to be transferred is $1 * Your balance should be greater than the amount you wish to transfer * The maximum amount to transfer is your balance ( minus - ) $1 LABELS * pay as you go * credit * transfer * fund * account
ANSWER IT IS FREE!! With RINBOO you can transfer funds to your friends, colleagues or loved ones which are registered on Rinboo and have a Rinboo account WITHOUT ANY COST. LABELS * pay as you go * credit * cost * transfer * fund * account
ANSWER It can be one of the following reasons: * Make sure your balance is EQUAL OR GREATER THAN 1 USD * If you purchased a CALLING PLAN, make sure that you also have PAY AS YOU GO CREDIt in your balance, since it is not possible of transferring funds IF YOU ONLY HAVE AN ACTIVE CALLING PLAN. LABELS * pay as you go * credit * cost * transfer * fund * account