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ANSWER CALL RECORDING will let you record your phone calls performed through Rinboo Application. You can decide to enable the recording on all calls or only when you feel in need to. At any time, you can easily listen to the previously recorder calls directly from your smart phone. Knowing that the saved audio files will take the least space possible, don't forget from time to time to delete your old conversations and keep an eye on your remaining smart phone memory. LABELS * call * feature * recording * audio
ANSWER Kindly note that if you are making a call from the PC dialer, you can use the Record option available in order for you to record any phone conversation. Please follow the below steps: * Once the call is connected, press on the RECORD button * If you want to stop recording, press on the STOP RECORDING button PS: In order to check the recorded file, check the CALL HISTORY Section, and select the RECORDINGS Part. Just choose the selected recording to play it. LABELS * call * feature * recording * audio * conversation