ANSWER Purchasing Rinboo products and services with your CREDIT, DEBIT or INTERNET CARDS is very easy, fast and extremely safe. Follow the below steps to check how you can purchase with your cards: * Log in to RINBOO website [] * Click on BUY CREDITS from the top menu * Choose your PRODUCT TYPE and QUANTITY and ADD TO CART * Pay As You Go Credit * Calling Plan * Click on the _CHECKOUT_ button on the top right of the screen * Review your order and click on _CONFIRM ORDER_ * On Step 2, Choose the CREDIT CARD Payment method * Click _PROCEED TO PAYMENT_ button * Use one of your REGISTERED CREDIT CARD or ADD A NEW ONE * click on_ CONFIRM PAYMENT _button . LABELS * card * credit * debit * internet * buy * products * services * top-up
ANSWER When you make an online order on Rinboo website, the amount of this order will be reserved by your bank until it is authorized. Once authorized, this amount will be deducted from your balance. In case your order was DECLINED, REVERSED OR CANCELLED, the amount will be back into your account within the next 7 to 30 days depending on your bank. LABELS * payment * transaction * charge * 7 * 30 * deduct * decline * suspicious * reverse * cancel
ANSWER Please refer to Section 10.e.iv: PAYMENTS SETTINGS–3and link to it. LABELS * card * credit * debit * internet * add * edit * delete
ANSWER All credit card transactions are protected with ENCRYPTION. We use a GEOTRUST SSL certificate to ensure security. With RINBOO, you are perfectly safe while making your payments, because we are OFFICIALLY PCI CERTIFIED. THE PCI CERTIFICATION is a set of requirements designed to ensure that RINBOO will process, store and transmit credit card information by maintaining a SECURE ENVIRONMENT. LABELS * card * credit * debit * internet * safe * pci
ANSWER With RINBOO, you can pay with almost all CREDIT AND DEBIT cards in the world, and even all internet enabled cards: * VISA * MASTERCARD * AMERICAN EXPRESS * DISCOVER LABELS * card * credit * debit * type * visa * mastercard
ANSWER To add a Credit, Debit or Internet Card to my Payment Settings: * Log in to Rinboo website * Access the My Account Section * Choose the SETTINGS, then PAYMENT SETTINGS Option from the left menu panel * Click the ADD NEW CREDIT CARD Button * Fill all the field: * YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS: * First Name * Last Name * Card Type (Select Your Card Type) * Card Number * Card Name * Expiry Date (Month/Year) * Card Security Code (CVV) * YOUR ADDRESS REGISTERED ON YOUR CREDIT CARD: * Billing Address * Zip Code * Country (Select Your Country) * City * State/Province * Submit the form by clicking on ‘SAVE CARD’ LABELS * payment * settings * credit * debit * internet * card