ANSWER OneCard Payment Method is a secure wallet used to make online purchases from Rinboo Website and other OneCard Merchants. It is very similar to a credit card. OneCard is a safe payment method designed for and customized to suit, serve & support online shoppers in over than 30 countries with secure, accessible and easy to use payment solutions, giving everyone the possibility to buy online without discriminating on income, nationality or banking contacts. OneCard is not only the most comprehensive online payment solution you'll ever need; it is also a tool that empowers users to shop and buy Internet connectivity, fixed and mobile communication services, stock market solutions, educational resources and much more. LABELS * onecard * secure * online * payment * shoppers * top-up
ANSWER * Click Register an Account [], fill in registration form and follow directions to confirm your email and mobile number. * For More information Contact OneCard support [] LABELS * onecard * register * account * support
ANSWER * After you register a new OneCard Account, An email should be sent to your Email address. Once you click the Confirmation link, a confirmation code would be sent to your mobile, please write down the code "case sensitive ". * If you didn't receive an Activation Code by SMS, please feel free to contact OneCard support [] . * To watch how to create a new account at OneCard, please click here []! LABELS * onecard * register * activation * account * support
ANSWER This means that there is already an account registered with your Mobile Number and you can't register with this number anymore. LABELS * onecard * register * mobile
ANSWER * When you create an account at OneCard, you can choose one of the available currencies: Egyptian Pounds, Saudi Riyals, Kuwaiti Dinars, and Dirham United Arab Emirates. * When you buy any product, its cost will be deducted from your balance according to current exchange rate. * There will be extra 3% due to the currency transfer. * For More information Contact OneCard support [] LABELS * onecard * account * currency * balance * exchange * support
ANSWER You can recharge your balance using ONECARD PREPAID CARD found in the following store locations: * ONECARD branch locator: Click Here [] * UAE EXCHANGEbranch locator: Click Here [] Then, access OneCard Website [], Click Recharge Your Balance link at the left side of your screen: * Locate the "Prepaid Cards" Section * Click on "Redeem Your Card Now!" * All the letters must be entered in a capital letters & English language specially the numbers in the recharge card code. * Click "Recharge Account". For More information Contact OneCard support [] LABELS * onecard * account * recharge * branch * locator * balance * prepaid
ANSWER * After you're logged into your OneCard account, click "CONTROL PANEL" from the left side of the main page and choose "EDIT ACCOUNT INFORMATION". * At the bottom of the next page, click "CHANGE PREFERRED ACCOUNT CURRENCY" and then choose the new preferred currency and click "CONTINUE". * The currency change details will be displayed on the next page (Exchange rate fee applies). After checking the details, click "CONTINUE" and then "CHANGE CURRENCY" on the next page. LABELS * onecard * currency * rate