ANSWER * RINBOO vouchers are electronic credit vouchers sold by our DISTRIBUTORS. * You don't have to pay for the vouchers online and they make a great gift for family and friends so that you can keep in touch through RINBOO. * Vouchers are sometimes included with RINBOO PROMOTIONS OR HOLIDAY GIFTS. * NOTE: RINBOO vouchers can only be used to top up your RINBOO Credit on your account. LABELS * voucher * credit * distributor * promotion
ANSWER All you need to do is the following: * Log in to RINBOO website [] * Go to MY ACCOUNT * Click on RECHARGE USING VOUCHER in the SPECIAL SERVICES section * Insert you voucher number * Once you click on RECHARGE, a pop-up window will appear informing you about the voucher recharge LABELS * voucher * credit * distributor * promotion * recharge
ANSWER * Please make sure to COPY-PASTE the EXACT voucher code. * Read as well the terms and conditions of the voucher to make sure that you are eligible for the offer. * If you are positive to be entering the information correctly and that you are eligible for the offer please contact us []and give us: * YOUR REGISTERED NUMBER * THE VOUCHER CODE LABELS * voucher * redeem * error
ANSWER No, you can use a VOUCHER only ONCE, it is a one-time money top-up to your PAY AS YOU GO CREDIT balance. LABELS * voucher * use * top-up