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ANSWER CALL HISTORY(also called call activity) is a record of all of your inbound and outbound calls. You can view up to 12 months of call records in your Online Account and this information can be filtered and sorted as needed. LABELS * call * feature * history * statistics * CDR
ANSWER No you cannot delete any of your calls history logs. LABELS * call * history * statistics * CDR * delete * hear
ANSWER In order to check your detailed CALL HISTORY, please follow the below steps: * Login [] to Rinboo's website * Enter your credentials * Access your MY ACCOUNT panel * In the left panel, click on HISTORY, then choose CALL HISTORY LABELS * call * history * statistics * CDR * steps * how
ANSWER Kindly note that all VoIP service providers' rates are subject to changes due to international market rates variations. Rinboo has specifically included the following disclaimer in the rates sections: _"RINBOO RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THE PRICES WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. THE NEW PRICES WOULD BE EFFECTIVE DIRECTLY WHEN POSTED IN THE ABOVE LIST.”_ However our prices will always remain extremely competitive and cheap compared to other competitors because our main objective is our customers' satisfaction. Finally, please note that we will always be doing our best in order to maintain our customers trust thus our services credibility. LABELS * call * history * charge * more
ANSWER At Rinboo, we offer you a complete CALL HISTORY interface where you can check in details EACH AND EVERY CALL OR TEXT MESSAGE YOU SENT. * Log in to your account on Rinboo website [] * Access the MY ACCOUNT section * On the left panel, Click on HISTORY * Then choose CALL HISTORY * you will see a detailed view of all calls made with the Start and End date and time, the total call duration, the charged amount you paid, and other useful information. LABELS * billing * call * history * time * cost
ANSWER Click here for more frequently asked questions and clarifications about ‘CALL HISTORY’. LABELS * call * feature * history * statistics * CDR